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1999, 2004, 2009 & 2014, 2016       GIA Alumni       Gemologist       AAA Certified       Member  


About Robert M. Bunda, Jewelry Appraiser


In 1972 I became involved with the Decorative Arts in my Family’s Antique Business in Australia that specializes in Diamond, Pearl, Antique & Estate Jewelry. In 1987 I relocated to NYC where I worked for the auction house Doyle New York. In 1989 I took up a position with Christie’s Jewelry Department on Park Avenue where I provided Diamond, Antique & Estate Jewelry Appraisal, Estimates & Condition Reports. In 1993, I established my own jewelry appraisal business in NYC.

As an active Diamond, Antique & Estate Jewelry Appraiser, it is my responsibility to give clients the professional, impartial and non-biased information they need to know.



CHRISTIE\'S, New York, 1989 - 1993
Jewelry Specialist
Property Control Manager
Partner in Hi-End Family Business in Sydney Australia
BUNDA Jewelry Appraisers, New York, 1993 to Present
Providers of Certified Diamond, Antique & Estate Jewelry Appraisals
Appraisers Association of America
Board of Directors; 2007 - 2011. Certified Appraiser. Author of Jewelry Section of Appraisal Handbook.
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
Certification 1999, 2004, 2009 & 2014, 2016.
Gemological Association of Australia
Gemologist Qualification.
Gemological Institute of America
Diamonds Certificate, Alumni Member.
Farnsworth-Munsell 100-Hue Test for Color Vision
96% Superior Color Vision, Administered 8/11/07 under supervision of National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.
University of New England (Australia)
Bachelor of Financial Administration.


"I highly recommend Mark Bunda of http://www.jewelry-time.com/ .  I went to him just yesterday....and found him to be very professional.  He explained everything that he was doing and we watched the entire process."



"I would recommend Mark Bunda also.    If you like, you could have the vendor send the stone to him and he can check it before you put any money into it. "



Dear Mr. Bunda,

Both my husband and I wanted to extend our warm wishes to you and to let you know that it was our pleasure to sit and watch a master appraiser at work. While looking through the books from Skinner\\'s, Christie\\'s, and Doyle\\'s art auction catalogues it became evident to us what some cameos cost at auction price. The Jewelry Vigilance Committee ruled in our favor as that the cameo was not authentic 1850. Thus, we are not responsible for the $3,500.00 charge for the cameo. It is being returned to the seller. I just wanted to let you know that we value your knowledge and all the years that it took to acquired that knowledge in order to make this evaluation.



"….I took it to Mark Bunda, who is in an independent appraiser, and he confirmed that the stone matched the certificate.  Without looking at the certificate, he told me the color, the clarity, dimensions and carat size.  Besides the appraisal, he offered a range of what I should have paid in a competitive market (ie, diamond district), and it was on the low end of that range.  I really felt good about my purchase.  ……

……..  Mark Bunda is a solid choice for an independent appraiser."



Dear Mr. Bunda,

Many thanks for your speedy help and courtesy yesterday. How I wish all my guardianship duties were so easily accomplished.




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